08 November 2010

Why Steam Cleaners Need Extraction Facility

Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaners have undergone a number of changes over the years. New technologies have been introduced and new, useful features have been added to these machines. The most remarkable feature of the new steam cleaning machines is the addition of an attached vacuum facility. Now, steam cleaners can not only eliminate tough stains, but extract the residue left behind, as well.

Importance of Vacuum Extraction

Steam cleaning machines work by ejecting high temperature output onto hard surfaces. Their output temperature can reach up to 386°F. Such high temperature levels melt stains commonly found in areas including kitchens and bathrooms. Daimer®, a reputable supplier of cleaning equipment, provides a number of steam cleaners with vacuum extraction capabilities in their KleenJet® series. One such machine, the KleenJet® 1000CVP, has a wet/dry vacuum for eliminating the residue left behind after the cleaning process.

The KleenJet® 1000CVP features pressure levels of 105 psi and temperature levels up to 349°F. With the attached vacuum, operators can easily eliminate the dirt and liquid residue left behind after the cleaning process. Without this feature, the residue must manually be eliminated using a sponge or towel. Often, these techniques do not clean as well as vacuum extraction.

Tips To Use and Choose Machines

Steam cleaners, such as the 1000CVP, also include Daimer®’s ATIS® technology for eliminating more than 99 percent of commonly found germs, fungi, and bacteria. This is helpful for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, where dirt and germs often accumulate. To further enhance cleaning power, Daimer® also offers Eco-Green® cleaning chemicals, including the Eco-Green® Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner, as a safe alternative to toxic chemicals. Eco-Green® formulas are non-toxic, readily biodegradable solutions that can be paired with your steam cleaner.

Always choose machines from reputable suppliers such as Daimer®. Purchasing machines from quality suppliers ensures your machine is durable and built to withstand tough cleaning applications. Daimer® supplies a number of steam cleaners with different technologies for a variety of industries. To view the machines available, visit www.daimer.com.